So fresh,so Luxembourg


So fresh,

so Luxembourg


Yogurt and milk, apples and lettuce, cheese and ham, eggs and flour, honey and rapeseed oil ... an abundance of local foods is available. Which of these foodstuffs originate in the region and how are they produced? Local farmers give an insight into their work and the production of high-quality food.



More and more people are setting store by a healthy and sustainable diet, featuring seasonal and regional foodstuffs. Precisely in these times, when our dependence on international supply chains is becoming clear for all to see, consumers should take a moment to reconsider their buying behaviour. The first step to take in this connection is to find out which food products are produced by agricultural enterprises in Luxembourg and where these can be bought.

Seasonal calendar

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By consulting our seasonal calendar, you can discover each month which fruit and vegetables are available regionally and seasonally.