Visiting Watrange

The Hiesshaff in Watrange is a typically Luxembourgish family farm. With Claude Majerus, the small dairy farm has entered its third generation of family management.

Visiting Everlange

The family business "Biohaff Kleer" in Everlange has a broad base. Four different pillars have enabled the company, which converted to organic farming in 2001, to develop further in recent years.

visiting Born

The lower Sûre valley is home to a multitude of tall orchards. The founders of Ramborn, four childhood friends living in this magnificent region, simply used this untapped resource to produce a local drink, a natural cider: Ramborn Cider.

Visiting Enscherange

At the Fischbach family’s organic farm in Enscherange, organic vegetables are grown. Annick and Roland Fischbach founded the farm in 1996.

Visiting Crauthem

For five generations now, the Pesch family has been running the family farm “An Hueff” in Crauthem. It is currently being run by Eric Pesch and his mother Marianne.

Visiting Stockem

The Bourg family dairy farm is run by Marthe’s parents, Carine and Claude, and her brother Pol, who will eventually take over the farm, also works there.

Visiting Glabach

While he was still a student at university, Jeff Diderrich was already wondering how to diversify his family's dairy farm business in Glabach.

Visiting Schleif

Tea drinkers are sure to be familiar with Luxembourg’s ‘Téi vum Séi’. It was founded in 1993 by the herbal producers’ cooperative ‘Kraidergenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer’ as a continuation of a LEADER initiative.

A visit to Hüpperdingen

Alex Schanck is the seventh generation to run the family farm in Hüpperdingen since 2018. In 1980, his father, Jos Schanck, converted the farm to biodynamic agriculture - as the first farm in Luxembourg.

visiting Kalborn

For the production of cold-pressed oils, the members of the “Ueliggenossenschaft Eisleck an Naturpark Ourdall” cultivate rape, hemp, sunflowers, poppies and flax.

Visiting Fouhren

In the canton of Vianden, walnuts have always played a major role. André Zewen was aware of this when he planted his first walnut trees over 40 years ago.

visiting Holler

The Ludivig family’s farm in Holler has for many years been engaged in, amongst other things, dairy cattle farming and potato cultivation.


Yogurt and milk, apples and lettuce, cheese and ham, eggs and flour, honey and rapeseed oil ... an abundance of local foods is available. Which of these foodstuffs originate in the region and how are they produced? Local farmers give an insight into their work and the production of high-quality food.