Visiting Schleif

Tea drinkers are sure to be familiar with Luxembourg’s ‘Téi vum Séi’. It was founded in 1993 by the herbal producers’ cooperative ‘Kraidergenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer’ as a continuation of a LEADER initiative.

A visit to Hüpperdingen

Alex Schanck is the seventh generation to run the family farm in Hüpperdingen since 2018. In 1980, his father, Jos Schanck, converted the farm to biodynamic agriculture - as the first farm in Luxembourg.

visiting Kalborn

For the production of cold-pressed oils, the members of the “Ueliggenossenschaft Eisleck an Naturpark Ourdall” cultivate rape, hemp, sunflowers, poppies and flax.

Visiting Fouhren

In the canton of Vianden, walnuts have always played a major role. André Zewen was aware of this when he planted his first walnut trees over 40 years ago.

visiting Holler

The Ludivig family’s farm in Holler has for many years been engaged in, amongst other things, dairy cattle farming and potato cultivation.

Visiting Beyren

On his farm in Beyren, Marc Rollinger keeps mainly pigs and suckler cows. The pork meat is produced for the Marque nationale.

Visiting Weiler-la-Tour

With a flock of 40 East Frisian dairy sheep, Tanja Conter and her mother-in-law Fernande Conter-Lehners made their first experiences in sheep farming.

Visiting Colpach

The list of vegetables that Thierry Garlemant grows together with his girlfriend in the cooperative “Koulbicher Uebst a Geméis” is long: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,...

visiting Imbringen

Fresh milk, direct from the cow, can now be bought from seven farmers who have installed milk vending machines on their farms.

visiting Berdorf

Every morning at 6 o’clock, Monique Schmalen fetches the animals’ milk from the Hammhaff, the family farm managed by her brother Patrick and his wife Anne, and brings it to the dairy in Berdorf.

Visiting Rosport

The “Tudorsgeeschter” (Tudor spirits) were brought to life in his grandfather’s distillery. In the business now run by Georges Schiltz, the fruit brandies and liqueurs...

Visiting Roodt

Christian Hahn grows no fewer than 156 different varieties of pumpkin at the agricultural holding he took over from his parents.


Yogurt and milk, apples and lettuce, cheese and ham, eggs and flour, honey and rapeseed oil ... an abundance of local foods is available. Which of these foodstuffs originate in the region and how are they produced? Local farmers give an insight into their work and the production of high-quality food.