Fruits and vegetables

More fresh produce is available in the month of November than you might think. There are still lettuces and other salad plants, including lamb's lettuce and rocket, but also celery, beetroot and – don't forget – cabbage. Cabbage is quite simply the local superfood. Rose hips, the fruit of the dog rose that appears in autumn, likewise fall into the superfood category.


Regional and seasonal food production also has a social component, because it creates a personal contact between the producer and the consumer, through which the consumer learns to value and appreciate the work that goes into producing the foodstuffs concerned.

This month's

tips and tricks

Keeping fennel fresh

Fennel is best consumed when it is very fresh. To keep it fresh for as long as possible, wrap the fennel in a damp towel and store it for no more than three days in the vegetable compartment of the fridge.

Lamb's lettuce – crunchy & fresh

Lamb's lettuce stays particularly crunchy and fresh if it is placed in the freezer compartment for 10 minutes before being served. This trick also enables the dressing or vinaigrette to stick to the lamb's lettuce for longer. Make sure, however, that you don't pour the dressing over the salad until shortly before serving it up – otherwise, it will quickly deteriorate.

How to prepare salsify

Salsify is most commonly cooked in the same way as asparagus, and is typically served up as an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes. But whether fried or breaded, salsify produces a tasty dish. It can also be enjoyed raw, grated in a salad spiced up with mayonnaise or lemon juice.