Fruits and vegetables

And so the summer slowly takes its leave for another year. The days grow ever shorter, and the autumn weather makes its appearance. The leaves on the trees turn yellow, red and brown, transforming this month into golden October. And the harvest once again displays itself in all its joyous colours and bountiful plenty.


Regional and seasonal food production also has a social component, because it creates a personal contact between the producer and the consumer, through which the consumer learns to value and appreciate the work that goes into producing the foodstuffs concerned.

This month's

tips and tricks

Names of potatoes – who dreams them up?

Has it ever occurred to you that potatoes mostly have female names: Charlotte, Desirée, Nicola, Victoria, etc. …? Why this should be, no-one knows exactly. Some people maintain that the word "potato" is in many languages a feminine noun; others say – and it's a more charming explanation – that farmers named each newly planted variety after their daughters.

A simple way to cook quinces

Leave the quinces to simmer in a pressure cooker for a few hours. This will make them markedly softer, so that they are much easier to peel and process.

The Jerusalem artichoke – a super-duper tuber

The Jerusalem artichoke – a super-duper tuber Jerusalem artichokes are resistant against cold and frost, and can therefore be harvested all year round.